1. What is the Gwinnett Majic?
Answer- The Gwinnett Majic is a minor/pro basketball team that plays in the WBA (World Basketball Association) Our team plays in the summer while the pro players are home from overseas or NBA. A few players make it to the NBA through our league but most play overseas and use the WBA as a way to stay in shape or work on their game before leaving in August. We also sign players from college teams for a few months before going overseas. The Gwinnett Majic won over 13 player, team and coach awards from 2009 to 2010. The Majic have a 26 and 4 record and 2 WBA titles since General Manager Brandon Williams purchased the team in April of 2009. 

2. What is the Majic Academy?
Answer - The Majic Academy is a training program for boys and girls grades 1 through pro level. The Academy works and trains all skill levels from beginner to advanced. All of our trainers are certified in the field of Basketball and all of the Directors and coaches attend coaching clinics year round from UNC,FLA STATE and NIKE The Majic Academy also is partnered with 94 Fifty (94fifty.com)94 Fifty is cutting edge technology and the Majic Academy is commited to advanced technology to help kids take their games to the next level.The MajicAcademy is one of the first programs to purchase 94 Fifty in the south this April 2011. For more information on how 94 Fifty works call coach Brandon 678-495-8409. 94 Fifty is used at all of our clinics year round. The 94 Fifty program is mentioned in detail at the end of this Q&A. 

3. How long has the Majic Academy been around?
Answer: 3 years, Coach Brandon has worked with kids in the Gwinnett area for 7 years. He started with Just Skills Of Atlanta coached the Atlanta Vision of the ABA and is the General Manager of the Gwinnett Majic of the WBA. Coach Williams won GM of the year last season. Coach Adrian Penland played 7 years overseas and has worked with kids in Gwinnett and Hall county for 3 years. Coach David Akin is the Head Coach for the Gwinnett Majic and coached for the UGA girls team, Norcross HS and Milton HS. Coach Akin has worked with kids for 8 years in the Atlanta area.Coach Akin is back to back WBA Coach Of The Year. Coach Brad Peters has worked at multiple Nike Camps for 5 years including Florida State and also played at South Gwinnett with NBA's Louis Williams. Coach Brad played college ball at Jacksonville State. Summer Coaches include overseas player and import player of the year in Argentina 2011 BJ Puckett. BJ was WBA MVP 2009 and 2010 and Jeremy File from the IBL, Reggie Anderson II of the Majic and other Majic players on this years roster. 

4. What does the Majic Academy teach?
Answer- Most camps or clinics in the area and state focus only on fundamentals and drills. We understand that fundamentals and drills are important but learning how to play the game is just as important. All Majic programs offer a balance of fundamentals, drills, game situations, life lessons, discipline and team work. 

5. How many Majic camps and clinics do you offer year round?
Answer -We always offer 3 to 6 summer clinics, spring break and holiday hoops clinics. 2011 will be the first year we offer maximum clinics year round. We also have one on one clinics and small group clinics year round. Call Coach Brandon 678-495-8409 for more information. We also offer special team clinics for AAU/YBOA teams and we are expanding to other areas like Lenora Park in Gwinnett, Alpharetta, Easley SC, Columbus GA, Rome GA and Forsyth County. No other training program is growing like the Majic Academy. 

6. Does my son or daughter have to be a all-star player to attend?
Answer - No, The majority of the kids that attend our clinics are new or have been playing only a few years. We work and teach all skill levels from beginner to professional players. If a boy or a girl attends any of our camps or clinics and he or she is not satisfied the Majic Academy will refund 100% of your money. We are positive your child will enjoy and understand what we are teaching at all times in a fun positive way. These camps and clinics are not easy but they are fun and the payoff is watching your game move to the next level 

7. How many coaches are working at the camps and clinics?
Answer -We always have a cap on how many kids will attend our clinics or camps and we always have a coach for every 10 to 12 kids so they will get the maximum attention. Our mission is for all kids to learn the game and huge crowds and a only a few coaches is not what the Majic Academy is about. 

8. What is the cost of the Majic Academy?
Answer- Each camp/clinic has a different rate and we feel our price is the best around. We partner with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation so our overhead is low so we can pass the savings along to the customer. We also NEVER turn any parent away for payment reasons. The Academy understands the economy and single parents. We can discuss a payment plan at any time. The Academy also hosts clinics at the Local Boys and Girls Club for kids that cannot afford to attend camps. We also offer season tickets to Boys and Girls Club kids and parents year round. Call Coach Brandon at 678-495-8409 if you would like to donate towards sending a less fortunate boy or girl to a Majic event. We also help single moms that would like to send a boy or girl to a Majic program. Please email me the details atbwilliams@gwinnettmajic.com

9. It is really hard to keep my child motivated when he or she is not at camps or clinics. I cannot afford to pay for individual sessions every week. Is the Majic Academy going to offer any new programs for this problem?
Answer -Yes, The Majic Academy is about to offer The Elite Member Program starting May 15th 2011. This program is going to change the way camps, clinics and all programs operate. This special package program will be offered to a select group. It is a powerful way to track and increase your skills from home and our clinics. This program will elevate your game to amazing levels and the best thing is you can track it from your home computer. These words are the future "The Ball Dont Lie" The future of Basketball training is here and the Majic Academy is where it is at starting May 15th. If you can only afford to visit the Academy 3 times a year this is for you. If you are able to attend a camp or clinic every week this program is for you. Call Coach Brandon at 678-495-8409 for more information. (100% Money Back Guarantee on all Majic Academy Programs)